Tipp Topp, Béier Am Grapp

Welcome, and thanks for supporting craft beer in Luxembourg!

Our mission is to make you say "yep, I'll have another one of those!"

We currently have two beers available for drinking: Red Bridge Amber Ale, and Satellite I.P.A. - check the Beer Finder for where to buy.

We're working hard on recipes for two more beers, which we hope to release later this year.

Our process is to homebrew each beer lots and lots of times to perfect the recipe, and then do test brews at breweries in Luxembourg to make sure the recipe scales up, before going into commercial production.

It takes a long time, but the end result is good beer, and there's nothing wrong with that, right?!

We hope you enjoy drinking our beers. Please get in touch to let us know how we're doing, or sign up to the newsletter.

Our Beers

Red Bridge Amber Ale

You find yourself standing in front of a great valley. You're thirsty. And you know that on the other side of the valley, pure beer satisfaction awaits. But how do you get from here, to there?

Take the Red Bridge my friend. Well-balanced. Smooth. 5.3%. Always ready to transport you to beer nirvana.

Satellite I.P.A.

Luxembourg is full of Satellite launch pads known locally as "bars", where expert beer technicians launch this tasty session I.P.A. on demand, straight to your taste buds (with an occasional detour past Amarillo, TX).

Launch three Satellites at once to achieve geosynchronous bar coverage at 3,000 meters per second. Payload 4.9%. No static at all.

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I'm thirsty

Mobile Canning

We recently bought a mobile canning machine, capable of canning up to 2,500 cans per hour!

Our mobile canning machine will be the first of its kind in continental Europe - we expect delivery in July 2017. We'll be able to can our own beers, and we'll also provide a top quality mobile canning service for other breweries in and around Luxembourg.

Why cans? Because cans are better for the beer! Cans don't let light through, so the beer stays fresher for longer. Also, cans get colder faster, don't break, are lighter, and cans are easier to recycle than glass. All good!

We're also investing in a very high quality seam analysis unit, an oil-free air compressor, a 5-line date coder, a self-adhesive labelling machine, and intensive staff training!

Interested in using our mobile canning service? Send us an email, or call +352 661 88 12 12.

Beer Finder

Here's a list of bars, hotels, restaurants, and retailers which stock one or more of our beers:

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Promo Stuff

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