Tipp Topp, Béier Am Grapp

Hi, my name is Mark Hatherly, and I'm from New Zealand. I started brewing beer with my dad when I was nine years old, and I've been home-brewing on and off ever since.

After years and years working for a bank in Luxembourg, one day I decided that I wanted to brew beer on a more regular basis. So in 2014 I quit working at the bank and set up this beer company! I've been brewing beer full-time ever since.

The company's first commercial release was Red Bridge Amber Ale, in May 2015. I spent twelve months developing the recipe for Red Bridge on my garage home-brew set-up. I wanted to brew a beer which was different from anything else available in Luxembourg, but not so "different" that you couldn't sit down and drink four or five of them.

The first batch of 2,000 litres sold out in 8 weeks, and in July 2015 Red Bridge won a bronze medal at the London International Beer Challenge.

Meanwhile I was working on the other beers too - Satellite, Golden Lady, and Black Jack, brewing lots of test batches. But I decided to concentrate on developing the Satellite I.P.A., which would be the first India Pale Ale ever to be commercially brewed in Luxembourg. I brewed it every week for 7 months in 2015.

The first commercial batch of Satellite I.P.A. was released in December 2015. It's named in honour of Luxembourg's world-leading satellite industry. Hundreds of real satellites are controlled from ground stations right here in Luxembourg, from launch all the way through to final positioning: I think that's pretty cool.

And the beer? Satellite is a balanced 60 IBU beer with a 4.9% payload, and a finish as clean & dry as outer space. I brew a fresh batch of Satellite every month. Since we're so small, it's hard to get the same hops varieties every time. That's why each fresh batch of Satellite might be slightly different from the last one.

The current batch of Satellite is code-named "Superbird" which is a communications satellite. You might have used Superbird to make a phone call or download stuff. But now it's even more useful, because it's a beer.

I'm looking forward to releasing Black Jack commercially before long, and hopefully the Golden Lady will soon grace us with her presence too. You'll hear about all our news first if you sign up to the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy drinking the beers. My goal is to brew beer which makes you say "Yep! I'll have another one of those!" Please get in touch to let me know how I'm doing!

Our Beers

Red Bridge Amber Ale

You find yourself standing in front of a great valley. You're thirsty. And you know that on the other side of the valley, pure beer satisfaction awaits. But how do you get from here, to there?

Take the Red Bridge my friend. Well-balanced. Smooth. 5.3%. Always ready to transport you to beer nirvana. Bronze medal London IBC 2015.

Satellite I.P.A.

Luxembourg is full of Satellite launch pads known locally as "bars", where expert beer technicians launch this tasty session I.P.A. on demand, straight to your taste buds (with an occasional detour past Amarillo, TX).

Launch three Satellites at once to achieve geosynchronous bar coverage at 3,000 meters per second. Payload 4.9%. No static at all.

Golden Lady Pilsner

It's beer o'clock right now in Luxembourg and you just won a gold medal at the thirsty person competition. If anyone deserves a lovely cold refreshing beer, it's you.

So swoosh down this noble Bohemian-style thirst-quencher and enjoy a classic pilsner made with love, happiness, and Saaz hops.

Black Jack Porter

General "Black Jack" Pershing marched his US troops into Luxembourg City in November 1918. They say old Black Jack had a robust personality. So does our porter.

Cool evening? Feels like Sunday afternoon? You need Black Jack to march in at the head of his beer army & liberate your sorry ass.

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I'm thirsty

Mobile Canning

We recently bought a mobile canning machine, capable of canning up to 2,400 cans per hour!

Our mobile canning machine will be the first of its kind in continental Europe - we expect delivery in July 2017. We'll be able to can our own beers, and we'll also provide a top quality mobile canning service for other breweries in and around Luxembourg.

Why cans? Because cans are better for the beer! Cans don't let light through, so the beer stays fresher for longer. Also, cans get colder faster, don't break, are lighter, and cans are easier to recycle than glass. All good!

We're also investing in a very high quality analysis unit, an oil-free air compressor, a 4-line date coder, pressure-sensitive labelling, and intensive staff training!

Interested in using our mobile canning service? Send me an email, or give me a call on +352 661 88 12 12.

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